Signs of Foundation Problems


Spot The Signs Of Foundation Trouble

How do you know if you have foundation problems?  There are key signs to look for that indicate your home is settling.  Problems only get worse over time, so if you see any of these symptoms, request a free quote to see if you need foundation repair:

Cracked Bricks

9ad0fcd09f299bd0507a3f29f99c6e58If you spot cracks in your bricks, there is a good chance you have problems with your foundation. Houses built on expansive soil usually will end up with a broken foundation. Expansive soil is constantly moving as it gets wetter (expands) and dries (compacts). This regular, uneven movement is what causes cracks in your foundation and brick walls.

Cracked bricks often have a zigzag pattern, following the mortar joints.  However, as seen to the right, the cracks can actually split bricks and appear more vertically.  These cracks are not the problem, but a result of having a cracked foundation. Filling these cracks does not address the root problem and will only allow things to get worse.  You can save money and time by addressing the root issue by getting to the bottom of it with foundation reparations.

Leaning Chimneys

b0078526de16d86357e5b41ce584bd90Chimneys are typically the heaviest part of the house. Typically, the methods of attaching a chimney to the side of the house are insufficient to hold all the various pressures it undergoes. The potential for such a heavy structure falling off is very dangerous.

As soon as you observe your chimney leaning or shifting, it is imperative you address the issue quickly and effectively.  As with bricks, patch jobs will only give a false sense of security, never really fixing the problem.

Other Signs

Detached or leaning chimneys, cracked bricks, and general mortar separation are the most tell-tale signs of foundation problems. Other indications include:

  • Bowed Basement Walls
  • Caulk Separation around Windows and Doors
  • Windows / Doors that Stick
  • Sagging or Cracked Floors
  • Interior cracks on sheet rock

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