Repair Sagging Floors Easily and Effectively

sagging floors

Sagging Floors

Most sagging floors can be fixed relatively inexpensively. Are you noticing furniture leaning toward the center of the room? Call us to inspect your floors. We can see if you would benefit from our permanent solution to sagging floors, entailing our steel floor supports and sister-joists.

Acculevel can repair your sagging floors with minimal invasion and cost.

sturcturalSupportStructural Supports

Metal beams supported with adjustable steel posts are an easy and cost-effective solution in a crawlspace. After installation, the system, can then be tightened and adjusted appropriately to secure, support and sometimes help to lift the floor above.

Mid-span crawlspace support jacks work by transferring the load of a house from the original weak or overloaded beams. Steel is our first choice because steel is more durable, stronger, cleaner, and faster to install than concrete beams, and they’re fully compatible with a crawlspace encapsulation system.

Crawlspace Floor Support and Floor Joist repair costs vary greatly depending on the size of the structure and location of trouble areas, and begin with an $800 minimum.

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